Product Reviews

Rider and Miley will be more than happy to give your product a test. Just send us an email at for more information.

Each product will be subject to review and approved first before it is tested by Rider and Miley. We want to make sure it's safe for them first.

We will publish dog product reviews tested unscientifically by us, Rider and Miley under real-life situations. Each product will be given the most accurate and fair review. Here we want to give other pet owners information about products that will make their dog life more easy or fun.


What products do you review?

We look for dog products, such as, toys, beds, clothing items, problem solvers and more. We write reviews that are that will be beneficial to our reader or help them decide if that product will be right for their dogs.

The product will be evaluated for taste, comfort, durability, wear and appeal.

Do you publish responses from manufacturers whose products have been reviewed?

Of course, if you're the manufacture whose product was reviewed on this blog, you may send a response to I will review your response, if I feel you have additional information that will help our readers. I will be more than happy to publish it.

Do you reject unfavorable reviews of products you sell? 

Our goal is to share information. We want to inform dog owners as consumers.
A side note: Product reviews are intended just solely as anecdotal consumer information, and are not intended to promote any particular dog products.