About Rider and Miley

I started writing this blog for my babies-Rider and Miley because they are just so much fun to write about. Since we live in a world that’s ever changing bad or good; they bring so much joy into our lives that I wanted to share them with the world. I turn and take one look at my pups and they always know how to turn a bad day into a good day. 

Rider came from the Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida Inc. The first day he came home to us he was so scared. The foster mom told us he was shaking on his way to our house in her car. Look at him now-Happy as any dog should be. He came to us as Max but we renamed him because Max wasn’t a good fit for him. We do think Rider was abused at some point in time, but now he doesn’t have to worry about that anymore. Our boy lives like a king here in our house. Rider enjoys riding in the car, Jet Ski, enjoy walks, and hanging with the family. We sometimes call him King Tut just because he loves to make sure where ever he lays down he’s super comfy.

Rider's very first day home!

Miley is very energetic and full of life kind of dog. Who ever had her first didn’t spend the necessary time that she needed to expend her energy. Miley runs, bikes, and swims with us all the time. She’s such a smart little girl but bossy at times, so we do sometimes call here Bossy Miley. Our little girl, came to us from a very good friend of mine because she was a hard to handle dog. Originally, she came from a human society in Tampa and traveled to her second owner but then came to my friend who couldn’t take in another pet so we took her in. Poor girl, was bounced around about three times before she came to us. Miley is a keeper and safe in our house. We love her to bits and pieces.

Miley's first day home!

They both are adopted and rescued so it’s a good feeling to know we saved a animal live. We are very blessed and grateful to have these two dogs in our lives. They have brought so much joy and happiness. Please enjoy their daily adventures!