Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rider's first day home.

Rider came to us two years ago by faith; through The Boston Terrier Rescue of Florida Inc. it's a wonderful group that saves these pups from abusive homes and kill shelters. Unfortunately, our little bud was in a kill shelter for two weeks before they called BT rescue group. We were probably the luckiest parent's in the world.

I remember how scared he was when he first came home. I think Rider was pretty displaced at the time. Our poor little fella.

Here's a picture of Rider's first day home. This picture was taken by BT rescue group.
Homeward bound page: BT's found a new home
 Look at him now! A dog that derserves a happy home. I'll say Rider has come a long way. He's been the best little companion for us and his little sister Miley.

I think this Rider's first time in the water. Enjoy :)

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