Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Food for the Pups: Wellness Super5Mix

We are switching Rider and Miley's food to Wellness a holistic brand of dog food. When I'm shopping for food at the supermarket, I get  pretty leery if I can't understand the ingredients in my food. 

When you look at the back of this bag of dog food. You  have ingredients that are simple and healthy. A lot of regular dog foods have fillers and bad ingredients, so this time I made sure our pups are getting the best we can get. 

Yes, unfortunately holistic or organic dog foods are expensive but in our household we eat pretty healthy, so the way we eat at home I think Rider and Miley deserves the same. We're going to try the Wellness Super5Mix Whitefish and Sweet Potato Dry Dog food. I hope our little guy will do well on this.

Here are my reasons why I found this brand to test first on the pups:

1) They are a holistic brand of dog food.
2) No fillers or artificial fillers are used. 
3) They use human-grade ingredient so they go above the FDA and AAFCO standards.
4) Most importantly, they don't carry anything that is potentially allergenic, of second-grade quality, or lack any nutritional benefits. 

I let you know in a few weeks how Rider is doing on this brand. 

Wellness Super5Mix Dry Dog 

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