Sunday, October 16, 2011

~Easy Weekend for the Pups~

Rider hanging out with his dad
Rider and Miley had a pretty good weekend I'll say. They hung around the house all weekend with mom and dad. We went garage sale shopping and Miley worked with Mommy on the computer. 

Here's a snap shot of Miley's Work Weekend in the Office with her Mommy! 

Miley's like my little Super Model!

She's in thinking mode!

She's telling me, "Really Mom, put the camera down."

Lol, telling me, "I'm to cool for this"


  1. Woof! Woof! Oskar of PBU sent us here ^_^

    I'm also a Terror (oops! I mean Terrier), Silky Terrier. Hope to read more of your posts & do come by my blog when you're free.


  2. Miley's going to be a model someday. Or perhaps a blogger like mommy.

    I'm visiting from PBU as well.

  3. @ Bowie-Thanks for stopping by! Please enjoy and yes we'll stop by to visit!

    @ haopee-yes lol Miley thinks she's hot stuff at times but she probably has a lot to say too. Being that she is very inquisitive about everything. Thanks for stopping by too ;)